When it's time to move forward & family can't always be there.

Is it time for you or someone you love to move? Do you have the extra time and energy required to make a large move happen?

Good Daughters specializes in assisting seniors who are moving, usually to smaller residences.

We can play a very special and valuable role. You and your family will soon discover that we have the courage, character, conviction, and common sense to do the right thing for the right reason.

Who Are We?

We are daughters, sisters, and wives who have enjoyed long careers in logistics and transportation, corporate, civic, and foundation work, retail and human resources.

We are 4th-generation Oregonians whose great-grandparents homesteaded here.

Why Hire Us?

We Make Your Move Possible. We Get The Job Done.

We are effective because we are not your children. We’re able to bring an objective perspective to the table while being sensitive to family history and dynamics.

Our upbringing, character, careers, and training have instilled in us the following qualities:

Honesty, Compassion, Dependability, EfficiencyAdditionally, we are hard-working, organized, non-judgmental, family-oriented, and committed to earning your trust. We only make promises that we can keep.

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We keep our Promises. We respect your privacy. We make your move possible.